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date Date : Sunday, April 2, 2017  
location Leatherhead Leisure Centre Guildford Rd, Leatherhead KT22 9BL Map
contact 0208 850 6069/ 07907 134466, eatherhead.julie@btinternet.com


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Promoter Info: DPA Super-League: 21 & Senior II Ballroom

DPA Points awarded today for DPA Charts.

Stars of the Future/"Britain's Best Titles" heats.

Juvenile Section - From 11.00am

  Open Juvenile Beginners Q   Open Juvenile Novice W,Q
NL Open Juvenile All Girls W.T.Q   Open Junior 2 Dance W.T
NL U/11's W.T NL Open Junior 4 dance W.T.F.Q
  Open Juvenile Beginners J   Open Juvenile Novice C.J
NL Open Juvenile All Girls C.R.J   Open Juvenile 2 dance R.J
NL Under 11's C.S NL Open Juvenile 4 dance latin C.S.R.J
Junior Section
  Open Junior Beginners Q   Open Junior Novice W.Q
NL Open Junior All Girls W.T.Q   Open Junior 2 Dance T.Q
NL Under 14's W.T NL Open Junior 5 dance W.T.F.Q.VW
  Open Junior Beginners J   Open Junior Novice C.J
NL Open Junior All Girls C.R.J   Open Junior 2 Dance R.J
NL Under 14's C.R NL Junior 5 dance C.S.R.P.J
Adult Phase 1 (Latin) - At midday
NL Under 35's Beginners C.J NL Over 35's Beginners C.J
NL Under 35's Novice C.J NL Over 35's Novice C.J
NL Under 35's Intermediate C,S,R,J NL Over 35's Intermediate C,S,R,J
NL Under 35's Pre-Champ C.S.R.J NL Over 35's Pre-Champ C.S.R.J
NL Senior 2 C.S.R.P.J NL Senior 1 C.S.R.P.J
NL Open Amateur C.S.R.P.J   Open Jive
  Open Rumba NL Under 21's C.S.R.P.J
Adult Phase 2 (Ballroom) - From 1.30pm
  Over 50s Senior Pre-Champ W.T.F.Q   Over 35's Waltz
NL Senior 3 W.T.F.Q NL Under 35's Beginners W.Q
NL Over 35's Beginners W.Q SL Under 21's W.T.F.Q.(VW)
Adult Phase 3 - From 2.30pm
NL Under 35's Intermediate W.T.F.Q NL Over 35's Intermediate W.T.F.Q
NL Under 35's Pre-Champ W.T.F.Q NL Over 35's Pre-Champ W.T.F.Q
  Over 35's Foxtrot SL Senior 2 W.T.F.Q
  Open Quickstep      
Adult Phase 4 - From 3.30pm
NL Under 35's Novice W.Q NL Over 35's Novice W.Q
  Over 35's Tango   Open Vienesse Waltz
NL Senior 1 W.T.F.Q (VW) NL Open Amateur

W.T.F.Q (VW)

The entrance fee is only £12.00 for Juveniles/Juniors. Adult competitors £15.50 and all spectators, £8.50.
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