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 The Yorkshire Championships

The Yorkshire Championships

date Date : Sunday, September 6, 2015  
location Ponds Forge International Centre Sheaf Street, Sheffield S1 2BP Map
contact email: njhdancepromotions@gmail.com; tel: 0161 728 4939


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Promoter Info: The Yorkshire Championships

VENUE: Ponds Forge International Centre

ADDRESS: Sheaf Street, Sheffield S1 2BP


Entries in advance or on the day

Yorkshire Open Admission Prices

Juvenile & Junior £13.00 in Advance £14.00 on the door

All Spectators £13.00 in Advance £14.00 on the door

All Adult Competitors £15.00 in Advance £16.00 on the door

MasterCard, Visa and most Charge Cards taken


J01  Juvenile Beginners  WQ 

J02  Juvenile Novice  WT 

J03  Juvenile Open   TQ

J04  Juvenile All Girls  WFQ 

J05  Juvenile Open  Q 

J06  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Juvenile  WTFQ 

J07  Junior Beginners  WQ 

J08  Junior Novice  WF 

J09  Junior Under 14s  WFQ 

J10  Junior All Girls  WTQ 

J11  Junior Open  Vw 

J12  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Junior  WTVwFQ 

J13  Juvenile Beginners  CJ 

J14  Juvenile Novice  CS 

J15  Juvenile Open  SJ 

J16  Juvenile All Girls  SCJ 

J17  Juvenile Open   Jive 

J18  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Juvenile  CSRJ 

J19  Junior Beginners  CJ 

J20  Junior Novice  SJ 

J21  Junior Under 14s  RSJ 

J22  Junior All Girls  CSJ 

J23  Junior Open   Jive 

J24  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Junior  CSRPJ 


Adult Section 1 First Round 12.30pm

A01  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Sen 1 WTVwFQ


Adult Section 2 First Round 1.45pm 

A02  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Amateur WTVwFQ 


Adult Section 3 First Round 2.30pm 

A03  NL   -  U35s Beginners  WT 

A04  NL   -  O35s Beginners  WT 

A05  NL   -  U35s Novice  FQ 

A06  NL   -  O35s Novice  FQ 

A07  NL   -  U35s Intermediate  TF 

A08  NL   -  O35s Intermediate  TF 

A09  NL   -  U35s Pre Amateur   WTQ 

A10  NL   -  O35s Pre Amateur  WFQ 

A11  Yorkshire Open [All Adult Ages]  Foxtrot

A12  Yorkshire Open Amateur 2  WTVwFQ 

A13  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Youth  WTVwFQ

A14  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Senior 2 WTFQ 

A15  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Senior 3 WTFQ 


Adult Section 4 First Round 5.30pm 

A16  NL   -  U35s Beginners  SJ 

A17  NL   -  O35s Beginners  SJ 

A18  NL   -  U35s Novice  CJ 

A19  NL   -  O35s Novice  CJ 

A20  NL   -  U35s Intermediate  RS 

A21  NL   -  O35s Intermediate  RS 

A22  NL   -  U35s Pre Amateur   CSJ 

A23  NL   -  O35s Pre Amateur  RSC 

A24  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Senior 1 CSRPJ 

A25  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Senior 2 CSRJ 

A26  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Youth  CSRPJ 

A27  SL   -  Yorkshire Open Amateur CSRPJ 

A28  Yorkshire Open Amateur 2  CSRPJ 

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