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2014 Pennine Trophy Day

2014 Pennine Trophy Day
Sunday, March 9, 2014  
0161 728 4939
Promoter Info: 2014 Pennine Trophy Day - Stockport


Stockport Town Hall,
Stockport SK1 3ED



Junior & Juveniles £11.00 in advance £12.00 on the door
Spectators £11.00 in advance £12.00 on the door
Adult Competitors £13.00 in advance £14.00 on the door



Juvenile Section Ballroom First
J01 Juvenile Beginners WQ

J11 Juvenile Beginners CJ
J02 Juvenile Open WFQ

J12 Juvenile Open CSJ
J03 Juvenile All Girls TQ

J13 Juvenile All Girls CS
J04 Juvenile Open Vw

J14 Juvenile Open

J05 NL - Pennine Juvenile Trophy WTFQ

J15 NL - Pennine Juvenile Trophy CSRP
Junior Section Ballroom First
J06 Junior Beginners WQ

J16 Junior Beginners CJ
J07 Junior All Girls FQ

J17 Junior All Girls CS
J08 Junior 12 – 14s Inclusive WFQ

J18 Junior 12 – 14s Inclusive CSJ
J09 Junior Open WQ

J19 Junior Open RJ
J10 NL - Pennine Junior Open Trophy WTVwFQ J20 NL - Pennine Junior Open Trophy CSRPJ

Adult Section 

Adult Section 1 First Round 12.15pm
A01 NL - Pennine Amateur Trophy WTVwFQ
P01 Pennine Professional Cup WTVwFQ
Adult Section 2 First Round 1.30pm
P02 Pennine Professional Cup CSRPJ
A02 NL - Pennine Youth [U21] Trophy WTVwFQ

phy WTVwFQ
Adult Section 3 First Round 2.45pm Adult Section 4 First Round 5.30pm
A03 NL - Open Beginners WFQ

A14 NL - Open Beginners CSJ
A04 NL - Open Novice WT

A15 NL - Open Novice CS
A05 NL - Senior Novice FQ

A16 NL - Senior Novice RJ
A06 NL - Open Intermediate WF

A17 NL - Open Intermediate RS
A07 NL - Senior Intermediate TQ

A18 NL - Senior Intermediate CJ
A08 NL - Pennine Pre Am Trophy WFT

A19 NL - Pennine Pre Amateur Trophy RSC
A09 NL - Pennine Senior-Pre Am Tr WFQ

A20 NL - Pennine Senior Pre Amateur Tr RCJ
A10 NL - Pennine Senior 1 Trophy WTVwFQ A21 NL - Pennine Senior 1 Trophy CSRPJ
A11 NL - Pennine Senior 2 Trophy WTVwFQ A22 NL - Pennine Senior 2 Trophy CSRJ
A12 NL - Pennine Senior 3 Trophy WTFQ A23 NL - Pennine Youth [U21]Trophy CSRPJ
A13 Senior Open Foxtrot Trophy Foxtrot

A24 NL - Pennine Amateur Trophy CSRPJ



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