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Stars of The Future 2013

Stars of The Future 2013
Promoter Info: 2013 Stars of the Future, Brentwood International Centre

2013 Stars of the Future
Brentwood International Centre
Doddinghurst Road
Essex CM15 9NN

Saturday 8th June 2013



Alex Ivanetts, Carole Smythe, Chris Vickers, Dale Bennett, David Douglass, Diane Haywood, Duncan Trever, Jonathan Crossley, Margaret Redmond, Nicola Nordin, Pat Lait, Paul Taylor, Peter Nash, Tony Hunnisett, Gary Foster NVC. Comperes Mark Lunn & David Trueman, Music Paul Fielding, Scutineer Nicky Miles.

12.00noon 1st Round P01 Stars Professional Ballroom WTVwFQ
3.26pm 1st Round P02 Stars Professional Latin American CSRPJ
9.00am 1st Round S01 Juvenile Beginners WQ
9.16am 1st Round S02 Juvenile All Girls WQ
10.30am 1st Round S03 NL - Juvenile Open WTFQ
9.08am 1st Round S04 Junior Beginners WQ
9.24am 1st Round S05 Junior All Girls WQ
9.30am 1st Round S06 Junior Under 14s WFQ
9.56am 1st Round S07 NL - Junior Open WTVwFQ
6.48pm 1st Round S08 Adult All Ladies WF
5.00pm 1st Round S09 NL - Under 35s Beginners WQ
5.08pm 1st Round S10 NL - Over 35s Beginners WQ
7.18pm 1st Round S11 NL - Under 35s Novice WT
5.16pm 1st Round S12 NL - Over 35s Novice WT
5.24pm 1st Round S13 NL - Under 35s Intermediate WF
7.40pm 1st Round S14 NL - Over 35s Intermediate WF
5.32pm 1st Round S15 NL - Under 35s Pre-Amateur WTQ
6.42pm 1st Round S16 NL - Over 35s Pre-Amateur WFQ
1.58pm 1st Round S17 NL - Under 21s Open WTVwFQ
2.16pm 1st Round S18 NL - Stars Open Amateur WTVwFQ
12.10pm 1st Round S19 Juvenile Beginners CJ
12.26pm 1st Round S20 Juvenile All Girls SJ
1.50pm 1st Round S21 NL - Juvenile Open CSRJ
12.18pm 1st Round S22 Junior Beginners CJ
12.34pm 1st Round S23 Junior All Girls SJ
1.22pm 1st Round S24 Junior Under 14s CSJ
1.32pm 1st Round S25 NL - Junior Open CSRPJ
9.50pm 1st Round S26 Adult All Ladies SJ
9.20pm 1st Round S27 NL - Under 35s Beginners CJ
9.28pm 1st Round S28 NL - Over 35s Beginners CJ
10.08pm 1st Round S29 NL - Under 35s Novice RS
10.12pm 1st Round S30 NL - Over 35s Novice RS
9.36pm 1st Round S31 NL - Under 35s Intermediate CJ
10.28pm 1st Round S32 NL - Over 35s Intermediate CJ
9.44pm 1st Round S33 NL - Under 35s Pre-Amateur CSJ
10.40pm 1st Round S34 NL - Over 35s Pre-Amateur RSC
5.58pm 1st Round S35 NL - Under 21s Open CSRPJ
6.52pm 1st Round S36 NL - Stars Open Amateur CSRPJ
Prize Presentations
11.34am    Juvenile & Junior Ballroom
12.46pm   Presentation Professional Ballroom
4.30pm   Juvenile & Junior Latin. Amateur & Youth Ballroom Pro Latin
9.06pm    Adult Balltoom, Amateur & Youth Latin
11.52pm   Adult Latin Events



Please observe the Dress Code for Beginners, Novice & Intermediate Events. Dress Code for Champions - Stars.pdf



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